Our Vision

H.E.R. Institute was founded with a Vision to make Healthy, Happy and Peaceful Communities.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire, educate and support women and their families along their journey to a healthier life through Health, Education and Research services.

 Our Motto

 Changing the community through H.E.R.

 Our Belief

 We believe what we can change the condition of the community by focusing on the woman, where life begins within her womb, who’s the child’s first teacher and shares the responsibility of rearing a child with her mate. Our belief is a woman who is educated and supported about her choices for a healthy life is empowered to make healthy decisions on behalf of herself, her children, her family and her community. We start this journey with the woman, ideally, preconception more we often connect with her while she’s pregnant or immediately after her birth. 

 Our Values

Maternity care should be caring, equitable, and mutually respectable between provider and woman
Breastfeeding is the most essential form of nutrition for infant feeding and every family should be educated and encouraged to do so
Each woman has an innate maternal instinct and should be guided to trust in this instinct
A woman’s right to choose her pathway should be embraced and nurtured
The bond between mom and baby should be protected
A father has a vital role as a member of the parenting team during pregnancy, infancy and beyond
Families should be equipped to handle institutional racism which is a documented barrier to proper healthcare and a healthy living

Our Priorities

 H.E.R. has chosen improving breastfeeding rates, decreasing maternal and infant mortality and improving reproductive health outcomes for women as the primary areas of focus for the next decade.